Handheld UV LED Counterfeit Detectors | UV LED Illumination & UV LED Inspection Equipment

M-Vision Company

M-Vision is a leader in government-mint grade portable UV LED counterfeit detectors, UV LED illumination and UV LED inspection equipment. M-Vision consults and specializes in visual applications of UV LED light to help you authenticate and validate currency, documents, and products. Our promise is to do our very best to satisfy our customer's requirements through dedicated and continuous research and quality assurance.

We operate under the corporate motto:

Constructively challenging attitude, belief, cooperation, and modesty

Since 2002, M-Vision has been developing and marketing: industrial UV LED illumination systems; inspection and measuring equipment; and portable UV LED counterfeit detectors based on advanced industrial optical system technology and component design. We provide the highest quality products and services to our customers under the guiding principles of proactive attitude, integrity, confidence, and collaboration. Backed by our advanced UV & LED technology and continuous research and development, we consistently meet the most demanding industry standards and customer requirements including those of government mints, corporate multinationals, cash management companies, law enforcement and other security organizations that need the highest quality counterfeit detection for currency, documents and products.

Thank you for your interest in M-Vision and our products. Whether you are interested in our UV LED counterfeit detectors or our illumination and inspection equipment we would like to hear from you.



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